1. SOUND PROJECT involved an artist, an informatics specialist from Edinburgh University and a man with a liking for music. The man in question had a learning disability, a sight impairment and physical disability, which meant he was reliant on others choosing what he listened to. He listened to Radio Forth a lot. So we invited artist Steve Hollingsworth to create a sound system which could operate with one simple hand movement, enabling the man to select, for the first time, what he felt like listening to from an extensive library of sounds. The playlist included the man’s mother telling stories, his brother playing cello, the sound of a music box he liked and personalised jingles made for him by Radio Forth. Together, the artist and the informatics specialist adapted an mp3 player. The sound equipment was installed in the man’s bedroom. It’s his, it’s private and he can listen to whatever he wants, at the touch of his hand.

Nicola White write a story was written about this project.  – listen to it here https://soundcloud.com/artlink-edinburgh/something-in-the-pause


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