I love the work of Lygia Clark, its brilliant – and so relevant when i think about what we do in the sensory workshops at Artlink. Lygia, born in 1920, was a Brazilian best known for her painting and installation work. She co-founded the Neo-Concretist art movement – they believed that art ought to be subjective and organic, I believe that too. Her work prioritises what takes place between you and the artwork, she didnt call the person looking at the work a viewer, or a spectator – she called them “participants” – because she wanted the people looking at her work to interact with it.

There is a work she made in 1967 called  Sensorial Hoods– This piece involved eye pieces, ear covers, and a small bag full of herbs that would be affixed over the participant’s nose. The participants would also have helmets with small mirrors affixed to them. The purpose of this experiment was to utilize all of the senses at one time. The outcome of this experiment might be that a participant would use his senses in a way he would never have thought possible.

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