Have you ever heard of THE INSTITUTE FOR FIGURING? – it’s an organization dedicated to the poetic and aesthetic dimensions of science, mathematics and the technical arts. They have an ongoing project called “The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef” – The IFF describe it like this:

The Crochet Reef Project was inspired by the technique of hyperbolic crochet originally developed by Dr Daina Taimina, a mathematician at Cornell. In 1997 Dr Taimina discovered how to make models of the geometry known as “hyperbolic space” using the art of crochet. Until that time many mathematicians believed it was impossible to construct physical models of hyperbolic forms; yet nature had been doing just that for hundreds of millions of years. It turns out that many marine organisms embody hyperbolic geo metry in their anatomies – among them kelps, corals, sponges, sea slugs and nudibranchs. Thus the Crochet Reef not only looks like a coral reef, it draws on the same underlying geometry endemic in the oceanic realm.”

People all over the world have crochted using this idea, and all of it comes together to make one installation – have a look at their website www.theiff.org

7 thoughts on “The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

  1. In what context would you create a knitted environment? How do you see it working with the people you work with? I had a look and its very lovely. I can imagine lying in it. Not sure whether the people who made it would appreciate that though!

    1. I think its something that has to be worked on collaboratively – the idea that many hands make this work is important i think. I see it as a way of creating an installation from many parts, a useful idea for future projects. how it affects space and and the viewer relates strongly to our sensory workshops – the feeling of being enveloped within a setting, surrounded by colour and texture – eresto netto eat your heart out!

  2. YES! YES!i think definitely you can – its a great strategy for all working together, artists, service users, staff.

  3. YES YES!! I think that you definitely can – what a great way to involve everyone, that it could be something worked on by artists, service users and staff alike, it could change all the time!

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