UBUWEB is a multi-disciplinary, ever mutating platform for all things deranged, delirious, dangerous and downright dubious! But it is also a vast resource just waiting to be plundered for ideas . . .

Here is Henri Chopin making some strange sounds:



One thought on “UBUWEB

  1. UBU is great its true, here are some more great resource sites:

    http://www.eastofborneo.org – east of borneo is a collaborative online journal and multimedia archive with a particular interest in investigating the art of Los Angeles, past and present

    http://www.flasher.com – Includes audio, video, and a virtual factory of creative artists

    http://www.vdb.org – Video Data Bank is a resource for videotapes by and about contemporary artists. The collection consists of artwork and interviews from 1967 to the present. Includes selected short clips.

    http://www.luxonline.org.uk – LUXONLINE is a web resource for exploring British based artists’ film and video in-depth.

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