7 thoughts on “PEYOTE QUEEN – by STORM DE HIRSCH

    1. I’d show it to people who had no experience of film and video work. I’d use it to deomonstrate the many different things that you can do with film stock – draw on it, scratch it, dye it, paint on it. I’d use it as a component within a sensory workshop. From a personal perspective, I watch it for inspiration, ideas and starting points.

      I enjoy watching this film

  1. You could, you could have a mini film screening for staff, show a variety of experiemental film and sound works – an event for them. That would be great. There is so much out there to be shared.

    You could also do a workshop with staff – im no film expert, but there are many ways to make a work like this. You could make a film and have it playing on a monitor at the center.

      1. well. i think the more you see the more open you are to things and the more ideas you might have. We all like to see something new and exciting, so a film might inspire a member of staff into doing something with a service user – i think its about putting as many tools in the tool box as you can! THE VISUAL TOOL BOX! we all need one of those.

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