Excerpt from Utopia – a magasine which describes what could be (and in some cases what is)

04 Words like knives
A person for hire who articulates what you need to express.
Feeling misunderstood? Not getting through? Fed up of
hanging on the phone? Your call is fifth in the queue, thank you
for your patience. Well, your patience ran out a while back.
You need a wordsmith. Someone who will listen to your story
and see past the frustrations and emotions, who will find the
words to fight for you and what you need. A wordsmith is a
master at winning arguments – whether over the phone, by
email or good old-fashioned ink and paper – she uses words
like knives to cut through the crap and the bureaucracy. You
know the kind of thing you get – ‘That doesn’t apply in this
area’, ‘there is no money remaining in that budget’, ‘I am not
authorised to help’
We offer wordsmiths to work with individuals or families who
have lost the oomph to fight, or whose excess of oomph has put
their blood pressure into the danger zone. Your wordsmith can
take all of your tangled issues and make clean sense of them.
She will accompany you to meetings, will hang on the phone for
as long as it takes, will write canny letters cc’d to all relevant
politicians or journalists who can help your case. A wordsmith’s
contacts are legendary.
The wordsmith is not only a gifted negotiator, he or she has
the ability to stay unnaturally calm in the face of frustration,
indifference and blatant incompetence.

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