So, a good friend showed me this video: – its crazy in love singer beyonce dancing her socks off at the biilboard music awards this year with her new song “GIRLS RULE THE WORLD” – the visuals are incredible, and I want to know, is beyonce just amazing at time keeping, or is the screen reacting to her? she picks up various shapes, eats them, plays the drums, dances with a man thats doubled and then explodes – for most of the perfomance it is only Beyonce on stage – its blows my mind a bit!

Im excited by it, becasue if it is some amazing technology that reacts to an individual, think of the possibilities in a sensory workshop environment!

2 thoughts on “HOW’D THEY DO THAT?

  1. Thanks for the comment. I put the site up as a post. I am not familiar with sixthsense It looks pretty interesting. I know now that the camera used ninendo/wii/xbox camera, can be tweaked and that way it can be used to pick up movement in a room, extending the visual information and what can be projected. It would be good to look at this further.

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