For her particpation in the 2009 Venice Biennale, artist Pae White invited the italian song bird impersonators known as ‘Chioccolatori ( they are amazing BTW) to become part of her installation – visitors could’nt tell where the birds sounds were coming from, and many believed that there was actual birds flying in the installation – the  Chioccolatoriwere dressed as tourists you see, so they blended in. Hearing the bird sound, meant peoples eyes were drawn to parts of the exhibition space they wouldnt normally see – as they were looking for the birds. In exchange for their involvement in her project, they asked her to design a poster for their annual competition, which she did.


Now, my interest in this project is two fold – obviously for its barter-impressive qualitites, but I also think about the potential of these men in a sensory environement – what an amazing talent they have, I can think of one woman I work with who would love to meet a ‘Chioccolatori‘!

2 thoughts on “PAE WHITE’S BARTER

  1. Dear Ideas Team,

    do you have any contact of those Chioccolatori in Venice? I am currently working for an arts program for the Architecture Biennale 2014 and they might be very interesting colaboratores for one of our projects.

    Please let me know if you have any tip.

    Sincerely Martin Baasch

    1. Apologies. I don’t have contacts. The group are a result of hunting for ideas inline. There is however an artist in Scotland who makes music around birdsong. Her name is hanna tuulikki

      I’m sorry I can’t be of any other help to you


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