This is dependent on who you are working with, what they are interested in and how they respond but it gives you an idea of an approach. This is a section of a recent posting by Steve Hollingsworth, describing how he breaks down a workshop approach…….

Bearing in mind the reactions and structure of last weeks workshop we split the workshop into 2 as there were quite a few folk to work with. This seemed to work really well. We drew up a pie chart to split up each half our in 5 minute sections, it’s really important to have structure we’ve found even if it disintegrates in the course of a workshop as we pursue new reactions.

This is our structure:

5 mins deep listening: I placed a clock on the wooden amplifier pad and we all listened to the ticking….

5 mins interaction with the equipment/tenorion/kaossilator/guitar/percussion

5 mins using ‘loopy’ to record vocalisations

5 mins making micro-sounds

5 minutes making a collective soundscape

5 minutes finishing off with a quiet sound-scape, emphasising ambiences

We had some really great reactions. Using the microphone I copied R’s vocalisations which she copied in turn. B (who usually has a very limited attention span) stayed for a long time and interacted with us and the equipment, and seemed to enjoy himself. E, who has just started coming to the session enjoyed the acoustic guitar although became a little startled when we had some feedback. D played the tenorion and seemed very engaged and listening. P was overjoyed at the amount of technology (especially my iphone) he laughed a lot when feedback happened- Jim recorded his vocalisations on loopy which he seemed to enjoy.

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