I’ve just been to Richard Telles Fine Art in Los Angeles, it’s a nice commercial Gallery that my friend works in. I saw the work of an amazing artist called Judith Scott, have you heard of her? She is quite well know in the states, she is a fibre artist, and was born profoundly deaf, mute and with Downs Syndrome.
When it was time to start school Judith was deemed “ineducable”, not even qualified for the class for children with learning disabilities. Her deafness wasnt recognised at the time and she was thought to be profoundly retarded. Consequently, on medical advice, her parents placed her in the Columbus State Institution (formerly the Columbus State School) an institution for the mentally retarded, on October 18, 1950. I can’t begin to imagine the impact this would have on each twin. My friend told us that her twin Joyce didn’t know she existed until she was grown up, as Judith had been completely removed from family life. Years later, she found out about her, took her out of the institution that she was living in and enrolled her the CREATIVE GROWTH CENTER in Oakland California. She observed a fibre art workshop, picked up some wool, and made sculpture!

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