We were interested in ways of involving staff at the centre. The notes below are Laura Aldridges’ attempts to task staff, asking them to carry on with an activity, extending the work outside of the workshops. F was weaving and wrapping objects within her workshops but the artists wanted to get her involved in making at other times of the week.

Initial notes exploring ways of involving staff>image

F enjoys an element of routine and will happily work with someone to do this. She really enjoys her wool work and the more we do it with her, the more we are finding out what she can do and also what she can learn to do. Can we maybe ask staff to suggest things F can wrap….perhaps work towards some kind of exhibition of objects that have been pimped “F style”. And maybe we can build on the skills we have her working on just now…..so maybe introduce her to weaving at some point.

Once they have identified what to wrap, we can put together a box of wool and these instructions.

You pass her the box
She selects the wool
She unwinds the required amount
You cut it
You ask her where to tie it on
She wraps
You tie it off.It’s a collaborative thing, but Fiona makes the creative decisions. She enjoys praise once she’s finished each wrap of wool.For weaving, there needs to be much more interaction from the person working with her at the minute as she gets a bit confused about where to go, but it’s a balance as I try not to interfere too much as it’s nice to allow Fiona’s irregularities of weaving to come through I think? Sometimes she misses a bit, wraps it twice round the end of the chair etc….Once she’s unwound the wool, wind it onto a piece of small card so it can easily get passed between the chair spokes.She can also knit) and make pom poms. It’s good to mix up the methods, so a bit of a wrapping, bit of weaving, pom pom making and knitting. This way she doesnt get bored and neither should the person working with her!

Please look at the following well known and much admired artist to get inspired. Look at the work of Judith Scot.

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