In march 2013, through Creative Scotland PEP funding,  I attended a week-long course at reggio Emilia in Italy. I was interested in understanding just how some of the learning strategies could be adapted to meet the needs of adults with profound learning disabilities.


Documentation becomes a tool for reflection and rethinking. Adults and children would investigate the context, building up a series of multi disciplinary approaches. Recognising all the different perspectives involved, experimenting, working together, learning from each other. Understanding that there are multiple ways of accessing knowledge and experience. Shared learning which leads to greater understanding.image

Basically it’s collective learning, using multi sensory approaches with each atelier in some way involving Sight taste touch sound.


What is the impact of the Reggio approach on the grown up child? How does this approach transfer to later education? Is their such a thing as a Reggio adult?

How can the ways of working be used within a day centre? How can we learn to respect people with profound learning disabilities and use their perspectives as a learning tool? Can people with profound learning disabilities become our teachers? Is this possible?

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