In march 2013, through Creative Scotland PEP funding,  I attended a week-long course at reggio Emilia in Italy. I was interested in understanding just how some of the learning strategies could be adapted to meet the needs of adults with profound learning disabilities.

Notes about Documentation

Everything is documented. Each part of the learning process, charting children’s responses, allowing them to follow their particular journey. Photocopies, paper books color prints Books which chart the detail. Small actions, movements. Describing them. The tiniest detail. I wish I could photograph them.

The learning environments they created are multi sensory, Light environments for people to sit in. Multiple mirrors. Overhead projectors. Mirrored spaces. Lots of shadow work. Mobiles which reflect the light, creating patterns Plexiglass light boxes and coloured plexiglass shapes, project light through, makes solid shapes in colours

Each atelier offers a different form of exploration….food, light, sound , movement. They extend learning to families and teachers. Offering Sunday afternoon workshops for families to play with the light and explore – Offering training, for teachers to explore the educational aspects of working with children, allowing teachers to add to their skills, learn different perspectives, new ways of working.

They chart every detail of learning.

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