Wendy wanted staff to write sound diaries, recording the sounds that surround the individual. As Wendy lives in America, we decided to enlist the assistance of artist Miriam Walsh who would collate the diaries and set different tasks. Acting as the link between Wendy and care staff. The group established a way of storing the diary feedback, which would allow all concerned to view what was being collated and look for crossover between sounds and responses. The group meet every other week.

Miriam’s Brief – first draft – the brief evolved over time to fit the needs of staff

You are responsible for:-

collating and archiving info collected from Day Centre staff
encouraging staff to log responses.
linking with Wendy and under her direction and when necessary making changes to the types of information collated

How you will do it:-

It is important that we keep this process as simple as possible. To begin with staff will be asked to pick an activity liked by the individual that has a sound associated with it.  They will record this as part of an established daily routine. They should not add to the individual’s experience. It must be something that is part of an experience that the individual knows very well.

They will record the individuals responses. This process is very simple.

The first part is the happiness meter. Staff simply put a mark in the happiness meter – responding directly on the meter where they think they would sit in relation to the sound they are hearing and how you think they feel.

The second part is more descriptive. Very simply, describe the sound and the environment. At no point describe the person.

None of the forms should contain personal information. It needs to be a very simple recording of a very simple part of their daily routine. Nothing more.

As staff become more confident in what they are doing they can begin to look for other sounds, more subtle sounds.  At the moment it needs to be kept very simple.

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