This is a prototype device that comprises of an umbrella projection screen, a video projector, small speakers and amplifier, a colour changing LED strip and a specially designed interface. Bens sensory preferences are combinations of Sound and Light (high pitched sound seems to be favoured) The planetarium is a computer based system that Ben has control over through a joystick, this enables Ben to go on a galactic journey through the universe accompanied by either his own amplified sounds or the many others that he has access to (through his hand movements) that are on the computer. The images are of many universes and nebula captured by the hubble space telescope. The device allows Ben to have control of experiences he enjoys, his desire for the experiences of image and changing colour and light also encourage him to use his hand, thus giving him a form of physiotherapy helpful in keeping his limbs moving. Its a device of learning, as Ben continues to engage with the system, it potentially allows him more control of other experiences.


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