For the last eight months, I have been working closely with artist Wendy Jacob and carers at Cherry Road on the Sound Diary Project. I have been helping Wendy to ask questions to carers about the soundscapes around them, and the individuals they work with. This has been a journey, observing and exploring what it means to really listen, and how to describe sound. Wendy from the beginning placed importance on recording sounds, that in the first instance, may appear to be somewhat insignificant. She asked us to track these sounds and try to understand how they change within the cacophony of sounds at Cherry Road. She asked us to disregard nothing encouraging us to explore every new possibility. This recording of the smallest of details, has resulted in discussions about how we hear, experience and feel sound, sharing personal accounts, of sound Journeys around the centre.

As an artist I feel I share with Wendy, her fascination of interactions between bodies and the objects we use, and the spaces we inhabit. Seeing this project unfold over the months, has allowed me to experience the symbiotic way in which Wendy opens up her creative process to others. This has led me to reflect on my own practice and how I engage others, with my own ideas. Working on the Sound Diaries with Wendy has affirmed my confidence in the value collaborative approaches can add to a particular context. For now the journey continues.

Best wishes,

Miriam Walsh

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