The notes below are from a workshop by artist Steve Hollingsworth exploring ways in which staff could be inspired to  inform the progression of Nathalies (the person they cared for) project.

I blind folded both of them and gave them a large sheet of paper to write words down as they listened, so they wrote blind. I then washed over them several sound scape, a glacier cracking, then a train in south america, weather, sounds of winter, then increasingly overlaid them with other sounds. I used 3 ipad, my iphone and recordings on the lap-top of nathalie. So they all merged as one sound, I varied the volumes and brought other sound to the fore.

I got them to take their piece of paper away to use that to write more, Hopefully from that they’ll write a short story and we can insert Nathalie into the narrative. I’ve also got them to think about the next missions, using what they want to learn as a start. I think it’ll be about language and communication.

Anyway, a useful exercise I think..



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