A few weeks ago we set Maklab a challenge.   They were to come up with ideas in response to a ‘problem’ we identified. Tomorrow we get to work with them and ThingkIng (South Africa) on the solution…….we will keep you posted.  

For now, here is the challenge we set them…….

A lack of adaptable resources which can be used by one or more people, especially for people who don’t engage with many group activities in a centre for complex needs.
A portable entertainment unit/table which projects or lights up, has tactile feedback, vibrates and produces sound. Based on the interests of the person using it. It could be a game or a series of sensory experiences which work in sync or out of sync depending on how the players uses it. Ideally it would be a portable, multi user table that would allow wheelchair users to operate like a desk.
Suggested focus:
We work with a number of people who would get an enormous amount out of having something they could have greater control over whose sensory preferences would allow designers to shape the scope of the product

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