The group at Maklab also came up with the idea for a more portable kit.  A glove which care workers could use.  By touching the fingers of the glove , specific sounds would be omitted.   Example of how this would work are in the attached film.

It was an interesting visit in that it again made us think about process and product.  Why do we make things for people? What is the main intention?  How do we ensure that the individual with profound learning disabilities informs the process.  What does that involvement mean………to the individual, to the carers, to the artists.? When something is made, how relevant is it to the person?  How do we ensure its continued relevance?  Where is the art?  What ways of thinking have informed that process?  What value is placed on the process?  Why do we make for people……….Etc etc.  It’s interesting just how cyclical the nature of the work is………..

Added notes – there was no way work of any significance could be achieved in one day.  What it did do was consolidate what I knew already.  The equipment is a means to an end.  Not an end in itself. It takes time, shared knowledge and experience to come up with anything of any significance.  No matter how keen you are and how excited you are about new technology it’s never ever going to have any real meaning unless you invest time and respect in the people you are working with.


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