Very early stage design.  Working on the prototype.

We create a big wooden floor/stage. On the floor there are lots of simple shapes made out of conductive aluminium tape (

There is one conductive beacon on the platform (a waist height conductive shape) that acts as the start of the interaction.

Basically any number of users can interact at once. All the users need to take their shoes off. The first person needs to touch the start beacon, everyone else stands on a shape. The start person needs to touch anyone else’s hand in the group. When some one standing on the square shape touches the hand/arm/foot of the start person a sound is created and their shape is added to the visualisation on the adjacent wall. As a chain is created of touching, more peoples shapes and sounds are added to the visualisation.

The shapes can be made of half conductive materials and half interesting textures like cork, foam, wood to add an interesting tactile element.

The projector will create simple visualisations based on the shapes that are being “activated”. basically a random pattern incorporating the different shapes and different colours.

A simple sound will be linked to each shape. It will be a simple tone and as more connections are made a pleasing chord will be created.

We can add a vibrating motor into the base so that there is a vibration every time a new connection is made.

The “stage” is slightly raised to that all the cables, and the makeymakey that controls the whole system can be hidden out of sight and touch.

We can also scale it down to a coffee table sized object that responds to hand touch

idea from – Thingking

image image image



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