Notes from sound diary meeting with staff….

Hi wendy,
Thank you for sending along this feedback. I think you will be happy to hear that I picked up 19 Sound Diaries today! Great to see the numbers up again!

I went through your feedback and they expressed curiosity into how the linear format will develop. We chatted about what elements in the sound wheel that maybe don’t work. They are happy with the hour period and they are in agreement that new linear format could really help with plotting different sounds as they will often have to pick it up and down during a session as the time unfolds and the wheel proves confusing for this.

D read out loud one of her diaries and we then discussed why she chose to record that moment and how practically she went about doing this in relation to her schedule with that service user. K then read out a couple of his sound diaries and we discussed his also.

Here attached is one csound wheel.


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