As preparation for Kelly Dobson’s ‘Slowing Down Time’ project we organised a workshop for care staff at Cherry Road day centre.  As part of the prep work we asked artist Miriam Walsh to interview care staff and family members of one particular individual. Each of  the individual perspectives was turned into a poster and used in a workshop run by Miriam.  We then began to explore with care staff how their own understanding of each individual they work with is, in a way a projection of themselves – what each perspective has in common –  identifying other ways of working – all  based on the very different understandings we have collated about the individual.

We will use the material gained from the interviews to further inform Kelly’s project, ensuring that what is made is of relevance.  We will also use the workshops to encourage care staff to look at potential  developments in their working approaches and what they offer – through sharing perspectives and identifying simple aims.

It’s all about potential!  Slowly building on our experiences and learning from each other to create a rich and ceative environment for people to be in.    






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