We had a great Skype meeting with Kelly Dobson (Slowing Down Time) yesterday.  George, one of the people she will be working with, got to meet her and ideas started to flow.  Artist Miriam Walsh who has been collating information on George, Fiona and Paul has been invaluable to the project e.g. She found out just how much of a fan of Dr Who George is and that George any new work must in some way involve this.  

What we have to do now is two fold:- ensure that Kelly Dobson is in full control of the artistic process and that we remain true to the people we are working with.  That what they want and who they are is constantly fuelling the ideas.  That the supports around them begin to morph, changing as more is learned, either through thinking about the person they work with in a different way or through finding new ways to involve.  The potential of working in this way is very exciting and………..I look forward to see what’s going to emerge from this interesting process.  

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