We were drawn to Claires interest in the act of working together as a form of unconventional communication, where the object made in response or collaboration evidences growing understanding of each other.  

We are interested in how Claires work will change in response to individuals whose vocabulary is based in actions and reactions that are highly sensory.  


Often the difficulties of conventional communicationencountered when working with an individual with complex needsthe potential for this kind of experimental learning and discovery, and in the forms that emerge from interactions of this kind.  They seem to speak about instinct and what it is to be human, and about the importance of care delivered with agency and genuine connection rather than attending only to physiological needs.  

C. Barclay TramwayC. Barclay TramwayC. Barclay TramwayF78FD4BF-B905-42BD-8742-25D118C067CBF61904BB-D0A9-4031-960B-81F646D3FFD652077311-39D8-409C-BF12-A21C11D823F99E2E17E6-CF0D-4BB7-A0F1-E57F540FAC6AF6821197-577F-4290-84C5-B852FE8414C2


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