Representatives from Red Note Ensemble met with Cherry Road day centre management and Artlink to begin planning for performative  work based on the idiosyncratic sound preferences of five young men.  All respond to sound, either through using internal sound to pacify or as a way of understanding routine.  We want , with this work to turn the idea of ‘audience’ on its head, placing the individual at the centre of the work.  Not necessarily as a performer but as a collaborator. We agreed that sound sessions would take place in the garden for one young man, in a safe known space for another; in the jacuzzi, in the artlink space and in an open room devoid of any other visual stimulus.  We chose these spaces based on ‘sound diaries’ care staff were asked to fill in for one month.  Each care staff member would note specific sounds and spaces where they knew the individual they worked with was most receptive to sound.  This work, by Miriam Walsh is a direct consequence of artist Wendy Jacob’s ongoing  work at the centre.  Care staff will be ‘prepped’ for Red Note involvement, given a role to play in supporting the individual to fully experience each session .  The sessions start in September.

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