There are a diverse number of projects within the Ideas Team.  Steve Hollingsworth Sensorium; Wendy Jacobs Buidlings That Sing

Sensorium (3/1/2018) -  
Singing buildings  (6/29/2016) - Wendy Jacob activates the colum to carry sound and vibration.  Glasgow sculpture studios fabricated a bracket which attaches a transducer and a bespoke lightweight amp specially engineered to drive the transducer. The colum in the main foyer now vibrates with the sounds that the artist has collated over the last few years.  
The project – Singing Buildings (7/1/2015) - Wendy Jacob is an artist and researcher involved with expanding the sensory dimensions of art, including research on the tactility of sound for the hearing impaired. In 2008 she founded and led the Autism Studio at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), developing new and creative responses for living with autism.  Wendy Jacob proposes to make... Continue Reading →
Some feedback from care staff working on Singing Buildings  (6/9/2015) -    Has working with the sound diaries changed how you work with the individuals at Cherry Road? Kingsley: Working on the Sound Diary Project has brought my attention to how I work with Nicola and Donald on a more individual basis. I am aware that there are similarities between Donald and Nicola however through the process... Continue Reading →
Beautiful, beautiful detail………… (2/20/2015) - Notes from sound diary meeting with staff…. Hi wendy, Thank you for sending along this feedback. I think you will be happy to hear that I picked up 19 Sound Diaries today! Great to see the numbers up again! I went through your feedback and they expressed curiosity into how the linear format will develop.... Continue Reading →
The Sound Diary Project (1/27/2015) - For the last eight months, I have been working closely with artist Wendy Jacob and carers at Cherry Road on the Sound Diary Project. I have been helping Wendy to ask questions to carers about the soundscapes around them, and the individuals they work with. This has been a journey, observing and exploring what it... Continue Reading →
Entry – Sound Diary (1/5/2015) - Entry sound diary 5th January 2015. Looking at the circular sound charts, I am thinking we need a different format. We came up with the 60 min circle in relation to clocks and charting sounds over time. The format, however, suggests repeating 60 min cycles. What feels cyclical at Cherry Road is the shape of... Continue Reading →
Wendy Jacob Sound Project (10/28/2014) - To physically demonstrate how the different sounds feel, the artist introduced a weather balloon. Activated by a transducer, the balloon carried the vibratory signals of the various sounds. By touching the balloon, staff were able to gain a different experience of the sounds that surround Nicola and Donald. Over time the artist will work with... Continue Reading →
Sketched ideas for sound spots (10/2/2014) - Illustration of future art work by Wendy Jacob. The artist will create “sound spots” in the building, places where Donald and Nicola can sit, lean or lie to experience sound as tactile sensation. We requested this drawing from Wendy to illustrate what she wanted to achieve in the longer term. It allowed staff and family... Continue Reading →
buildings that sing – a letter from Wendy Jacob (9/26/2014) - Dear all, It was good to visit Cherry Rd and hear firsthand the sounds you have been chronicling all fall. It was also good to see all of YOU! The sounds of Cherry Road are complicated, with both constant and unexpected sounds layered one on top of the other. Marcin and I were able to... Continue Reading →
Feedback on Sound Diaries (8/5/2014) - Working with Miriam and Wendy to ‘collect’ sounds has given me a greatly increased awareness of how noisy the world can be. By taking our time to be still and learn to listen again we have discovered a range of everyday sounds that we are too busy and preoccupied to notice. When Wendy played the... Continue Reading →
Regular Sound Diary meetings (7/12/2014) - Miriam meets every other week with the team, looking at the notes that have been collated, giving Wendy Jacobs feedback, agreeing the next step.
Sound diary poster (5/20/2014) - Posters outlining some of the detail collated on individuals – emphasis is on sound and place 
Sensory posters (5/13/2014) - Emphasis is on the detail – where sound is heard and what sound is heard.  Staff collate this information.  The posters were placed throughout the centre for staff to see all the note taking they had accumulated 
Spreading the word – it’s all in the detail (5/5/2014) - To ensure that staff understood the relevance of collating information on the sounds that interested the people they worked with, we flooded the centre with sound portraits. Each portrait used the information staff members had given in note form and ever so slightly reworked it. They loved it! They said that it helped them make... Continue Reading →
Sound diary poster (5/2/2014) -
Sound diaries (4/3/2014) - Wendy wanted staff to write sound diaries, recording the sounds that surround the individual. As Wendy lives in America, we decided to enlist the assistance of artist Miriam Walsh who would collate the diaries and set different tasks. Acting as the link between Wendy and care staff. The group established a way of storing the... Continue Reading →

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