This morning I received an essay by Jessica Gogan in my email. Jessica is a Ph.D. candidate in Art History at the University of Pittsburgh and independent curator and educator working in the US and Brazil. The essay is about a medicinal plant project which took place in Brazil. It has nothing to do with people with learning disabilities but everything to do with context and the issues which surround involving people from diverse backgrounds, collaborating around specific issues, the long term implications of working within communities and ways in which those involved can begin to make change on their terms. My response to her essay is as follows – its an interesting coincidence that our current ways of thinking have crossover. It would be really interesting for you to talk about the issues you raise within the essay at the symposium we are organising on 18th November. Namely, opening up process to make visible the invisible, respecting lived experience as knowledge, different knowledge bases and autonomies working together, connecting worlds in which the artist no longer has the big picture………………………. your essay is a gold mine! 

The essay is available below.

Farmacia essay_rev_24 de fev_ING (2)

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