Artists Laura Spring, Laura Aldridge and depute manage John Connell met with Old School Fabrications to discuss changing spaces in Cherry Road. Here is their brief:-

We would like you to come up with a series of designs based on our initial discussion at Cherry Road. As the people the designs are for, are very complex, we want these designs to emerge from conversations, meetings and small one to one workshops where you have the opportunity to test your ideas. We want you to listen to the artists who have worked with the individuals and devise/design a series of interactive spaces. You can be as overly imaginative as needed, feeding into the sometimes bizarre/abstract interests of some of the individuals we work with.

Timescales are flexible. The ideas need to be informed by feedback from artists and care workers, giving ideas time to settle. Often, what can appear to be a good idea, is deemed useless by the individual, condemned to spend its life in a cupboard or as a piece of furniture in the centre. This is about big ideas on paper, working through the ideas, honing them down, making them fit the people who will use them.

What we would expect from you – We would anticipate a series of designs on paper by February 2016.

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