These notes are part of the ongoing research work as part of Kelly Dobsons Slowing Down Time Project.

Its detailed work, finding out about each of the individuals and artists Kevin McPhee and Francesca Nobilucci are working on a weekly basis, acting as art detectives, building relationships with three very interesting people in order to ensure that the final art works are relevant.  Given that each of the individuals will insome way make or inform the making of the outer shell of each sensory pod, then we have to get it right.

Here are the notes from 10th November. We have removed the individuals names to ensure their privacy

Artlink                                                                                                                            Kevin Hutchison-McPhee

Kelly Dobson

Tuesday 10 November 2015When: 11:00am – 12:00pm

Who: F

Today I set up the room with two chairs facing each other. Inviting Fi to sit down I get my phone and search Youtube for some funny cat videos. F likes cats and I like searching for cat videos so we’re perfectly matched.

Playing the video clip I place my phone on my lap, F continues to following the moving image. I then grab the speakers. I have the volume quite loud. F wasn’t responding negatively to loud sudden noises and enjoys the various sounds of the cats doing the funniest things.

I move this set up onto the table. I join in and have my face quite close to the screen. F is really enjoying this and she turns to look at me when a cat does something extraordinarily cute or funny. I like that we’re sharing this experience together.

I’ve brought an inflatable ring with me today. After it nearly knocking me for six trying to blow it up I show it to F.  I try to hand it to her but she is not keen. I put it over my head and have it resting around my neck. I show her while I squeeze my face into both sides and demonstrating to Fthat it feels nice. I pass it to her and try to place it over her head. Today this proves unsuccessful, maybe we’ll try it again next session.

We continue to watch cat videos while I have the inflatable ring around my neck and then holding it up so I’m looking through it and squeezing it.

Because F has her face quite near the screen I then place the inflatable ring on top of the speakers so it is touching her forehead. Repositioning it I then grab some sofa cushions and create a wee installation of cushions and inflatable ring around F. Nothing is particularly close to F so maybe next time we can play about with the closeness and how this pressure sensation can add to F’s experience.

The cat videos are taking up all of F’s attention. I give her the thumbs up to make sure she’s ok. She gives me the same gesture back so I take that as a sign she is comfortable.

After some time I lean forward over the table and try and catch F’s attention. Doing so I put my hands out. F leans in so my hands are on either side of her head. She starts making sounds which indicates she is enjoying this.

Because F is enjoying this experience so much I don’t disturb her while I start setting up for P.   Putting a slideshow of P’s images on F finds this really interesting and at moments she stops looking at my phone/cat videos and turns her head to look at the projection.

Next session:

Thinking of a way to combine the speakers and my hands, an ultrathin speaker that could be fixed to my palm so the person working with F (me, or whoever) is more active in the activity of watching videos, i.e. fulfilling a purpose through enabling F to hear the video and also providing the touch sensation that she enjoys.

I’d like to play about with projecting videos through many projectors and see how F responds to this. Fran and I will both be in next week so this gives scope for one of us to handle the tactile interactions while the other sorts out projections etc.

I like cat videos.

I wonder if F would enjoy going to the Walker Art Centre Internet Cat Video Festival

The same festival toured in Glasgow this year but don’t think it’s coming back to Scotland again. Maybe we could try and organise it to come over again. Just imagine Fiona sitting right in front of the screen surrounded by lots of other people enjoying cat videos too. That would be cool.

This is a funny cat video and hopefully next session F will appreciate the slapstick humour

But it’s only 16secs long so in the mean time I have downloaded this 1hr video clip


meow meow







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