Today I had a few tech difficulties as I was hoping to use the pc in the room but the internet was very slow and could not stream anything!

F is absolutely looking forward to the sessions now, she is very very exited when she sees me, knowing that I ll provide some cats cinema.

I pretty much recreated a similar scenario to the previous week with Kevin but I had to use my iPhone to stream the videos.

I occasionally interact with her using foam blocks as I have done already in previous sessions as well as feathers.

F is very focused on the videos and loves it. She favors videos where the cats do funny things, I would say. I tried to put some headphones on her but she said no, she still likes very much physical contact and she likes to hold on to her sculpture and the foam in front of her.


P was somehow disappointed, I think, to see that the room was not set as an immersive video-sound installation like last week.

He really liked the space-hopper we both tried it and took pics but P felt the urge to leave the room holding onto the hopper to show it to his carers (this is something I have experienced a few times). He also repeatedly pointed at the image of Jim&Steve when we were in the hall.

I felt I was not able to engage with him today and his focus was on other people.

Room set up with projector definitely working best and high-energy rhythm.

He took pics while jumping on the space-hopper.

G is on a No-making day

G is very very chatty and keen to spend time with me, I am quite amazed and feel very pleased about it.

Turns out the reason for this behavior is actually because G is high on insulin, as Alison suggested on our meeting the following day! Ah, ah ah!

Anyway, I had a brilliant session and we spent a lot of time really interacting a lot, not making but talking and planning. G is even asking questions about what I ll be doing on Xmas and when I will be back.

He has produced a set of three cardboard crystals this week.

After a quick research online together I understand that the 3 objects are called ‘metelis’

and are props inspired by a Dr Who episode. G and I then spend quite a bit of time navigating google images on my phone (he likes the iPhone) and we discuss things as we go. I enjoy it, he does too obviously. He really likes the internet and I think is starting to probably projecting on me some kind of role. May be he is realizing that I can be instrumental to achieve one of his tasks perhaps?

The Metelis is translucent blue and I suggest to use some lights but G does not seem interested. I suggest blue electrical tape but again he does not seem interested.

G really has been producing, since I have known him, things or objects that are inspired by Dr Who. Those sculptures are like props, replicas (maggot, rope ladder, crystals, snake and radio).

I ask him if he would like to use those to make a film or reenact some scenes from his favorite episodes but he says no. Kevin and I have recently watched the film Wolfpack and both agreed there were so many similarities between G and the group of guys in the film


‘Tape is my best friend’

G seems keen to go back to the rope ladder I made, he is taking it out of the box where was stored so we agreed that we are gonna work on a real one together.

I tell him, I will source materials and that we need to use a drill. We look at rope ladders online and he choose one style. He likes the doweling steps. I make some sketches to explain the process and to involve him in the planning. I take him to the room to show him the drill. He is interested, he is super chatty, engaging a lot more then I have ever experienced.

We have a deal re the rope ladder and that we need to work together, *shake hands*!

I ask him if he wants to come out for a coffee in Bonnyrigg with me sometimes in the future but he draws a line to that! I am pushing my luck now!

Finally he looks at the white helmet, I have worked a bit on and he ask me if he can keep it but he doesn’t want the cardboard/foil stuff I added to it. We strip it back to his original state. He wears it. I take a photo.

Time is up

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