I (Aldridge) have been thinking a lot about what direction to take the work we are doing in. I’ve been thinking a lot about the sensorial and experiential in sculptural practice lately, in relation to my own work, a teaching project I am doing and of course the Sensory workshop.

How to do we make visible things that are relational? How do you make something that can change, be fluid and evolve with the person you are working with? It feels redundant to me to make solid fixed things for the workshop – heavy objects that clutter the room, from experience we know that what works one week, may not be so great a week later, some one might enjoy a piece of purple velvet for 4 sessions, so we make something more sophisticated, but then whatever it was that held that person is gone.

I think what we face now is finding a way of making this some sort of system – something that goes beyond simply having boxes with peoples names on them, we want something more than a box of tricks, we want to be able to think on our feet and create in the moment.

Lygia Clarks relational Objects were propositions – they didn’t exist without being activated by the participant. They were made from simple materials and were humble in scale and quality – but THEY WERE POWERFUL! With this in mind, we plan to spend a focused period of time in the studio making a series of objects that will act as starting points and experiments for subsequent artworks. We think through making, and we know it is essential to test ideas in real time, with the people that the work is made for – the workshop is our workshop!

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