Here are some of the artists who are working on collaborative environments.

This ideas team involves bringing in new artists to work with artists Laura Aldridge and Laura Spring.  Both have years of knowledge and experience of working with people with profound learning disabilities and have developed a particular practice which uses the arts in its widest sense to develop practical working relationships.  This has taken them many years.

For the next stage of their project,  the aim is to take individuals known interests and further work with the detail, using particular artists to  exaggerate the visual or aural, finding alternate ways to stimulate longer term interest.

It’s a tall order, as ideas always have to be flexible as the individual with learning disabilities may lose interest or quickly form other interests.  Stuffed full store cupboards in day centres are excellent reminders that, what is of interest one day could be of no interest the next.
The artists involved are :-

Laura Spring

Laura Aldridge

Charlotte  Prodger 

Old School Fabricators

Lauren Gault

Yvonne Mullock

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