In a meeting today with artists Laura Aldridge and Laura Spring we looked at the work they are currently undertaking and where emphasis lies in their current approach.

‘We are focusing on our activities within the workshops and how we work with particular individuals. through the materials we use and the experiences we have we are trying to make visible the fleeting moments that happen when least expected’.

They emphasised that these ‘fleeting moments’ are when the individual they are working with, becomes engrossed in what they are doing.  This can last for seconds, minutes or hours.

The artists are also collaborating with artists Charlotte Prodger, Yvonne Mullock, Old School Fabricators, Lauren Gualt and Charlotte Lydon. They are commissioned to create prototypes or designs for artworks, objects and spaces which can be used by people with profound learning disabilities.  Some of the ideas are very practical, others are flights of fancy.  All are informed by the people who will use them.
Laura Aldridge said ‘ By bringing other artists into our project, we feel we are enriching what we know and understand and in turn the experience of the workshop user. Collaborating brings surprises, new possibilities and new ways of thinking – no one learns alone. We need input from those around us and we need to remain open to this as a process for making and doing – we know from experience that when we allow this, exciting things can happen’.

The artists will make a presentation of their prototypes and ideas  to an invited audience at the end of April.

Testing ideas…..

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