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Yesterday we had a meeting about one individual, who we will call GEE.  Artists Kevin McPhee and Francesca Nobiluci have been working closely with GEE, getting  to know him, building trust  and exploring areas of interest. GEE tends to be on his own, he doesnt work with others and whilst seeking out company he tends to quickly reject when it makes him anxious. GEE makes things out of cardboard. Mostly objects and characters from Dr Who.  Our aim is to identify with him, an object to make which could become a pod and support him to interact with others as part of the process.

So yesterday we arranged a meeting with David Cherry, president of the Glasgow Doctor Who Society.  We wanted to explore the potential of making an object around his interest in anything Doctor Who.  Hence the expert.  It proved to be one of these meetings where lights come on and bells start ringing, if you know what I mean.

Here are Kevins notes from the meeting………..

Some cube thoughts from today

I think this clip sums up how I feel when I first come across a new creation by GEE. What is it?  How can I relate it to a reference within the Dr Who universe? How do I make sense of it within my own references and interests? Since my knowledge of Dr Who is limited that what I liked from today was that David is fulfilling the role of Dr Who in this clip, the one who is helping us translate and identify these objects.

I’m still unsure of what the purpose of these cubes are or what they do but I think it is ok for me not to understand this. What I find interesting is this was a example where GEE and I made something together. It was me that chose the cube as a three dimensional form to make, thinking this would be something relatively easy to construct and knowing that GEE is competent and methodical in his approach so we would find a way of assisting one another to build it.

Now that I know from David that there is a connection to Dr Who this makes me understand that within that moment of making that cube together is more than just an example of two people working together to make a physical object but that GEE and I created a (conceptual?) space together which was invested in both our interests (unknowingly for me at the time but  GEE  knew what was happening).

What I like about these cubes (sorry I’m hung up on these cubes) is that they can exist statically or come together to create a bigger construction. They exhibit the potential to exist as a module. They could contain hidden technologies that have different functions dependent on the shape that is created, that they could be intelligent and contain power. That other people could relate to these objects without necessarily having any Dr Who knowledge.

At the meeting today I also thought that we were all units that came together to create something bigger for GEE. That all of us sitting around that table play an equal part in helping create a narrative, dialogue, physical objects etc for GEE and in a way while yes this object/pod is for GEE that we can’t really separate ourselves from the final outcome because we are all part of GEE’s universe.

Cue Dr Who theme tune.

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