IDEAS THAT BEND is the umbrella title for a series of collaborative interventions which took place at Cherry Road Day Centre.(Its such a good title that we have borrowed it for the whole programme!) The term comes from our desire to create artworks that respond to, develop with, and grow around the people they are created for. Through our experience of working with people within the centre, we have come to realise that we need to work with materials, ideas and objects that are flexible and fluid – we want to work with things that open out, things that change, things that grow – heavy objects that clutter the room just don’t do it. WE WANT IDEAS THAT BEND – we need to be able to play. We want to work in an open ended, responsive way, and we want to involve and include as many people as we can so the people that use the centre have ownership of what is produced and what is experienced. We have developed three artworks for potential development within the centre.  Click on ideas-that-bend to see the work .