• Slowing Down time Workshop (5/21/2018) - Steve Hollingsworth Slowing Down Time: 9.5.18 Timescapes that suit peoples processing speed Sound is touching at a distance Experiencing time differently 1st Exercise-Erwin Wurm one minute sculptures. All staff to collaborate using the small objects I’ve brought in to create static sculpture of your own bodies balancing or holding some of the objects I’ve brought … Continue reading Slowing Down time Workshop
  • Creative Carers (5/21/2018) -
  • The learning disability care sector: hanging by a thread (5/1/2018) - In a guest blog for Nuffield Trust, Jan Tregelles, Chief Executive of Mencap, discusses the issue of payments for ‘sleep-in’ care and says that not reaching an equitable solution on it leaves the sector facing an impossible quandary The first week in November saw fireworks of a different kind for the learning disability sector. After … Continue reading The learning disability care sector: hanging by a thread
  • Health Improvement Scotland: Artlink/University of Dundee Project, April 2018 (4/26/2018) - Over the last decade key health and social care policies including Statutory Guidance to accompany the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 and the Keys to Life 2013 have highlighted the need for practitioners to be more creative. Yet there is little understanding as to how to translate ‘creative’ into social care practice within … Continue reading Health Improvement Scotland: Artlink/University of Dundee Project, April 2018
  • Lauren Gault (4/18/2018) - What excites us about Lauren’s work is its potential to play with the  sensation of weightlessness   It provides an unrestricted freedom for the person with complex learning disabilities, think of a jacuzzi, or a swimming pool and the feeling of lightness that provides. Lauren’s challenge will be to work with the individual, thinking about … Continue reading Lauren Gault
  • Jennifer Paige Cohen (4/18/2018) -
  • Adam Putnam (4/18/2018) - We were attracted to Adams work because it presented the sensation of density, that could be disappeared or altered by reaching your hand out and breaking the light beam from the projector.  We have talked about fog and dust, of things that look solid but aren’t, of cause and effect,  of understanding and not understanding, … Continue reading Adam Putnam
  • Matthew Ronay (4/18/2018) - When we first talked, we discussed the idea of being lost in an artwork.  The physical experience of being so caught up by the work that the intellectual does not matter.   In another meeting we talked about not seeing the work, but feeling it, of the sensation of it.  We talked about removing colour … Continue reading Matthew Ronay
  • Laura Aldridge – Frieze (4/17/2018) - Containers, collaboration and perception BY MATTHEW MCLEAN ‘California wow!’ exhibition view at Tramway, Glasgow, 2015. ‘All my work might be about vessels, the idea that everything is contained by something,’ says Laura Aldridge, standing amid ‘California wow!’, her installation in the former transport shed of Glasgow’s Tramway. The statement is perplexing at first, as there’s … Continue reading Laura Aldridge – Frieze
  • Kevin Hutchison McPhee & Fran Nobilucci (4/17/2018) - Play features in these artists work with emphasis on the relationships that form through play.  What is important within their work is that the person with complex disabilities directs what happens. The final art works will unfold over time.  The more they learn from each other, the more people they involve, then the more they … Continue reading Kevin Hutchison McPhee & Fran Nobilucci

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