Steve Hollingsworth

Slowing Down Time: 9.5.18

Timescapes that suit peoples processing speed

Sound is touching at a distance

Experiencing time differently

1st Exercise-Erwin Wurm one minute sculptures. All staff to collaborate using the small objects I’ve brought in to create static sculpture of your own bodies balancing or holding some of the objects I’ve brought it.

To slow down time we need to stretch experiences so people have a chance to process- we need to find ways to ’thicken’ time and to ‘congeal’ time, so that people are held. Sound can be a route toward this-not popular music with traditional conventions but by using sound as an element to create ambiences that saturate and hold a person. You can create sounds by experimenting with whats around you and the person you are working with.

1. Slow walk to sound: move as slowly as possible while listening, try to move imperceptibly slowly across the room. Move as slowly as the hour-hand on a clock for 7.5 minutes. Listen deeply to the sounds.

2. Blind fold walk….holding hands slowly walk where I take you. What can you perceive now vision has been removed? 7.5 minutes.

3. Sit down blind folded-listen to the sounds I play and think about how they affect you and how would the people you work with react to them?

Breaking Down time in a session using sound:

a. Using the room around you use anything to hand to create a sound. Think about tiny sounds, quiet sounds, a scraping noise, a teaspoon clinking on a mug.
b. Think about sounds close to the ear and sounds with some distance.
c. Think about large, loud sounds.
d. Change yourself into a performance, accentuate, and exaggerate, surprise and fall over.
e. Continually improvise with what you have to experimental and creative.

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