Sensory Work

The beginnings of sensory environments. Artists Steve Hollingsworth, Jim Colquhoun, Laura Aldridge and Laura Spring play with Glowdoodle developed by Eric Rosenbaum at MIT. The idea is that artists work together with small teams of specialists to begin to create sensory environments for people with profound learning disabilities.  With expectations lowering as a reulting of cuts … Continue reading Sensory Work

A learning curve (arching over 3 days)

Just before Xmas in 2014 we commissioned writer & curator, Kirsten Lloyd to write an essay about The Ideas Team. It's a smart essay in that it describes (and questions) 'care' within contemporary arts practice and its impact on artists practice. It's an extremely clever essay in that it places these arguments within an alternate … Continue reading A learning curve (arching over 3 days)

What happens when you slow down time?

We need to get closer, slow down time in order that we can better understand the ways in which people with profound learning disabilities communicate with us. When we do, we enter a world in which colour becomes sound and sound becomes colour, where light becomes an object to be touched, where simple vibration and … Continue reading What happens when you slow down time?

Slowing down time re-imagined

An amalgam of Fiona's weaving and Kelly's drawing. Is this what the pods will look like? The plan is to start soon on combining the things people like to make with the actual construction of the pods. So, Fiona's pod will be constructed from her weaving. It's an interesting collaborative process Kelly has come up … Continue reading Slowing down time re-imagined

….and the point is?

Thursday: I was in a round table discussion about knowledge and social justice with academics, some of whom who research the sociological impact of governmental silence, gender influenced sectarianism and digital knowledge consumerism.. You wouldn't assume a thread to these seemingly disparate things, but the commonality occurred to me during an event we were invited … Continue reading ….and the point is?

Beautiful, beautiful detail…………

Notes from sound diary meeting with staff.... Hi wendy, Thank you for sending along this feedback. I think you will be happy to hear that I picked up 19 Sound Diaries today! Great to see the numbers up again! I went through your feedback and they expressed curiosity into how the linear format will develop. … Continue reading Beautiful, beautiful detail…………

…….and another thing! Updated.

The group at Maklab also came up with the idea for a more portable kit.  A glove which care workers could use.  By touching the fingers of the glove , specific sounds would be omitted.   Example of how this would work are in the attached film. It was an interesting visit in that it … Continue reading …….and another thing! Updated.

Maklab – what sort of happened?

Very early stage design.  Working on the prototype. We create a big wooden floor/stage. On the floor there are lots of simple shapes made out of conductive aluminium tape ( There is one conductive beacon on the platform (a waist height conductive shape) that acts as the start of the interaction. Basically any number of … Continue reading Maklab – what sort of happened?