Introduction Our plan is to exhibit artists’ responses to people with complex learning disabilities in the context of a contemporary art exhibition. The exhibition and series of associated talks and events will take place in 2019, aimed at all audiences, regardless of difference. It will be an ambitious meeting of minds, informing and inspiring new... Continue Reading →

Old School Ideas

We asked Old School Fabricators to work with artists Laura Aldridge and Laura Spring and design a space within a Day Centre for people with profound Learning Disabilities.  Her are their ideas.....old-school-ideas

Rethinking Audiences

Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble, Red Note Ensemble have investigated four very different personal relationships to sound. This collective of musicians explored the sound sensitivities of people with profound autism and additional support needs. They have begun to work with responses to sound; pitch, tone, rhythm, tempo, space and timing. They discovered that by encouraging improvisation,... Continue Reading →

Ideas That Bend

IDEAS THAT BEND is the umbrella title for a series of collaborative interventions to take place at Cherry Road Day Centre. The term comes from our desire to create artworks that respond to, develop with, and grow around the people they are created for. Through our experience of working with people within the centre, we... Continue Reading →

Singing buildings 

Wendy Jacob activates the colum to carry sound and vibration.  Glasgow sculpture studios fabricated a bracket which attaches a transducer and a bespoke lightweight amp specially engineered to drive the transducer. The colum in the main foyer now vibrates with the sounds that the artist has collated over the last few years.  

A talk by Ideas Team Artists 

On 5th May at 2pm at Dundee University Steve Hollingsworth, Laura Spring, Wendy Jacob, Kevin McPhee, Liz Davidson and Francesca Nobilucci will talk about the impact of the ideas team.  To book get in touch with Roseanne Bell.

That moment when it all makes sense!

Yesterday we had a meeting about one individual, who we will call GEE.  Artists Kevin McPhee and Francesca Nobiluci have been working closely with GEE, getting  to know him, building trust  and exploring areas of interest. GEE tends to be on his own, he doesnt work with others and whilst seeking out company he tends... Continue Reading →

Illustrating Ideas

We have been working with illustrator/designer/writer/woman of many talents Charlotte Linton. She is helping us make visual some of the ideas we are having – these will act as tools when talking about the project, to help others see what we are thinking. They will function not only as illustrations  but also they paint a... Continue Reading →

Artists working on Collaborative Environments

Here are some of the artists who are working on collaborative environments.   This ideas team involves bringing in new artists to work with artists Laura Aldridge and Laura Spring.  Both have years of knowledge and experience of working with people with profound learning disabilities and have developed a particular practice which uses the arts... Continue Reading →

Relational Objects

I (Aldridge) have been thinking a lot about what direction to take the work we are doing in. I’ve been thinking a lot about the sensorial and experiential in sculptural practice lately, in relation to my own work, a teaching project I am doing and of course the Sensory workshop. How to do we make... Continue Reading →

We asked care staff what sorts of environment the people they worked with needed..and their answers were….

Staff at cherry road brainstorm for the artlink room: Interactive environment James Morrow/Sonos Costumes Projectors/Planetarium Interesting/ stimulating smells Bubble machine Velcro walls weightlessness seasonal affected disorder Colour therapy lights trampoline levels hammock control heat/cold Mylife tech smart board wind machine maze - inflatable theatre stage liquid mirror climbing frame water bed mirrored wall distorted Mirror... Continue Reading →

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