Artists working on Collaborative Environments

Here are some of the artists who are working on collaborative environments.   This ideas team involves bringing in new artists to work with artists Laura Aldridge and Laura Spring.  Both have years of knowledge and experience of working with people with profound learning disabilities and have developed a particular practice which uses the arts... Continue Reading →

Relational Objects

I (Aldridge) have been thinking a lot about what direction to take the work we are doing in. I’ve been thinking a lot about the sensorial and experiential in sculptural practice lately, in relation to my own work, a teaching project I am doing and of course the Sensory workshop. How to do we make... Continue Reading →

We asked care staff what sorts of environment the people they worked with needed..and their answers were….

Staff at cherry road brainstorm for the artlink room: Interactive environment James Morrow/Sonos Costumes Projectors/Planetarium Interesting/ stimulating smells Bubble machine Velcro walls weightlessness seasonal affected disorder Colour therapy lights trampoline levels hammock control heat/cold Mylife tech smart board wind machine maze - inflatable theatre stage liquid mirror climbing frame water bed mirrored wall distorted Mirror... Continue Reading →

Artist Laura Spring on her Artlink practice

 Laura  Spring:  I  believe  Artlink  has  a  huge  benefit  to  the  individuals  we  work  with  because  of  it’s  unique  approach. Working  intimately  over  long  periods  of  time  to  establish  relationships  is  rare  in  a  workshop  environment  but completely  necessary  when  working  with  people  with  profound  learning  disabilities. You  learn  about  someone in  an  unconventional  way... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Environments – impact of my practice on the individuals and care staff 

   Laura Spring: I  believe  Artlink  has  a  huge  benefit  to  the  individuals  we  work  with  because  of  it’s  unique  approach. Working  intimately  over  long  periods  of  time  to  establish  relationships  is  rare  in  a  workshop  environment  but completely  necessary  when  working  with  people  with  profound  learning  disabilities. You  learn  about  someone in  an  unconventional... Continue Reading →

What is the impact on the individual, care staff & the environment you work in? 

  Laura Aldridge : The  biggest  thrill  from  the  work  I  do  with  Artlink  is  that  it  gives  agency  to  individuals  who  through  physical and  mental  difficulties,  quite  often  don't  have  any  -  choice  is  just  something  that  falls  away  from  their  daily  lives. In  our  sensory  workshop  sessions,  we  try  and  make  the  people  we... Continue Reading →

What has working with Artlink brought to your practice? 

   LAURA  SPRING: Artlink  has  brought  so  many  beneficial  elements  to  my  work  and  myself  as  a  person  over  the seven  years  I  have  worked  for  them.  Many  of  these  I  never  expected  and  I  think  says  a  lot  about  the  unique approach  Artlink  has  to  working  with  people.  Freedom,  room  for  experimentation,  meeting  and... Continue Reading →

What has working with Artlink brought to your practice? 

   LAURA  ALDRIDGE:    It  has  enabled  me  to  work  in  a  way  to  fits  my  ideas  and  thinking  -  i  struggled  for  years  as an  art  student,  unable  to  make  work  that  spoke  or  sang  even.  Its  made  me  free  in  the  way  that  I  approach  art making  -  I  think,  when  making  art,... Continue Reading →

Sensory ‘toys’ made to encourage participation

In Laura Aldridge and Laura Springs workshops, the artists use materials to enable alternative ways of communicating through light, sound, colour and touch. This involves making accessories that are visual, tactile and functional.  Each toy/accessory is designed around a particular individual.  Some reflect light, make a noise, hide obhpjects and others feel comforting.

Weaving staff involvement

It looks like time and patience (and the exhibition) have paid off. The staff are weaving with Fiona. Laura Spring and Laura Aldridge are giving staff and Fiona the materials and the frame to weave. She is doing it in her own time! Look what's happening as a result!

Laura Spring & Laura Aldridge sensory workshops

Individuals are immersed in multi sensory environments, designed around their specific interest. By working in this way the person gains a new experience. Equally, the more the artist learns about the person then the more imaginative the experiences become.

Terrariums Could we create a world in a bottle, which catches the light and allows patterns to dance around the room?  The terrarium triggers point to other potential ideas.  What if  we placed something inside the terrarium which catches the light and reflects its patterns  around the room.  Does anyone have any information on projects... Continue Reading →

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