‘It’s all in the detail’ – a talk by artist Steve Hollingsworth and day centre manager Liz Davidson

You are invited to ‘It’s all in the detail’: A seminar with Disability Research Edinburgh Thursday 5th November, 4-5.30pm Room LG.09 in the David Hume Tower, Edinburgh University, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9JX The talk will look at some of … Continue reading ‘It’s all in the detail’ – a talk by artist Steve Hollingsworth and day centre manager Liz Davidson

Early Staff training

When we started to work at Cherry Road there was some suspicion about artists coming in to work in a day centre. Recent changes to day centres in Midlothian had led to The John Chant Centre closing down and those people with higher support needs moving to Cherry Road Day Centre. Staff were unsure of the relevance of art to their work and to the people they worked with. They also needed to get used to the new spaces and the people they were working with. We decided to put on a series of workshops for staff that explored the … Continue reading Early Staff training

Learning Disability Coalition

  1st July 2011 – It’s time to prioritise social care, says Anthea Sully, Director of the Learning Disability Coalition For most of the past year we at the Learning Disability Coalition have closely following the work of the Dilnot Commission who have been looking at the funding of care and support. Although social care is something which is not widely understood by the general public anyone who comes into contact with the system becomes aware that it is difficult to understand, unfair and badly under funded. When Andrew Dilnot presents his report on July 4th there will be many … Continue reading Learning Disability Coalition


Chicago-based artist Nick Cave (not to be confused with the other one) has been making these amazing Soundsuits for years now. Inspired by African ceremonial costumes, Cave’s pieces fuse sculpture, fashion, and performance.Its taking the idea of disguise to a whole new level – its not just about how you are seen from the outside, but the individuals experience inside. Here is a link to a great video that shows then in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksm7LkzyFrk&feature=related Continue reading DON’T JUST MAKE IT – WEAR IT!

Answers please?

Im looking for answers to the following question.  A room is empty.  Devoid of everything except a chair which is fixed to the floor.  The window is clear, with protection over it to prevent it from being smashed.  The person using this room wrecks everything they come in contact with.  How can we change the room to make it more interesting for the person, and allow it to change in relation to how they are feeling? Continue reading Answers please?