It’s all in the detail – starting a new project with Red Note Ensemble

 Representatives from Red Note Ensemble met with Cherry Road day centre management and Artlink to begin planning for performative  work based on the idiosyncratic sound preferences of five young men.  All respond to sound, either through using internal sound to … Continue reading It’s all in the detail – starting a new project with Red Note Ensemble

The Sound Diary Project

For the last eight months, I have been working closely with artist Wendy Jacob and carers at Cherry Road on the Sound Diary Project. I have been helping Wendy to ask questions to carers about the soundscapes around them, and the individuals they work with. This has been a journey, observing and exploring what it means to really listen, and how to describe sound. Wendy from the beginning placed importance on recording sounds, that in the first instance, may appear to be somewhat insignificant. She asked us to track these sounds and try to understand how they change within the … Continue reading The Sound Diary Project

Spreading the word – it’s all in the detail

To ensure that staff understood the relevance of collating information on the sounds that interested the people they worked with, we flooded the centre with sound portraits. Each portrait used the information staff members had given in note form and ever so slightly reworked it. They loved it! They said that it helped them make sense of what was being asked of them. Continue reading Spreading the word – it’s all in the detail

Sound diaries

Wendy wanted staff to write sound diaries, recording the sounds that surround the individual. As Wendy lives in America, we decided to enlist the assistance of artist Miriam Walsh who would collate the diaries and set different tasks. Acting as the link between Wendy and care staff. The group established a way of storing the diary feedback, which would allow all concerned to view what was being collated and look for crossover between sounds and responses. The group meet every other week. Miriam’s Brief – first draft – the brief evolved over time to fit the needs of staff You … Continue reading Sound diaries