That moment when it all makes sense!

Yesterday we had a meeting about one individual, who we will call GEE.  Artists Kevin McPhee and Francesca Nobiluci have been working closely with GEE, getting  to know him, building trust  and exploring areas of interest. GEE tends to be on his own, he doesnt work with others and whilst seeking out company he tends... Continue Reading →

Researching Slowing Down Time

These notes are part of the ongoing research work as part of Kelly Dobsons Slowing Down Time Project. Its detailed work, finding out about each of the individuals and artists Kevin McPhee and Francesca Nobilucci are working on a weekly basis, acting as art detectives, building relationships with three very interesting people in order to... Continue Reading →

Prep work for Slowing Down Time 

We had a great Skype meeting with Kelly Dobson (Slowing Down Time) yesterday.  George, one of the people she will be working with, got to meet her and ideas started to flow.  Artist Miriam Walsh who has been collating information on George, Fiona and Paul has been invaluable to the project e.g. She found out... Continue Reading →

Staff Training for Slowing Down Time

As preparation for Kelly Dobson's 'Slowing Down Time' project we organised a workshop for care staff at Cherry Road day centre.  As part of the prep work we asked artist Miriam Walsh to interview care staff and family members of one particular individual. Each of  the individual perspectives was turned into a poster and used in... Continue Reading →

Slowing down time re-imagined

An amalgam of Fiona's weaving and Kelly's drawing. Is this what the pods will look like? The plan is to start soon on combining the things people like to make with the actual construction of the pods. So, Fiona's pod will be constructed from her weaving. It's an interesting collaborative process Kelly has come up... Continue Reading →

A new  collaborator on Slowing Down Time

George makes objects out of cardboard. Usually they are related in some way to Dr Who. A show he loves. We are speculating about his involvement in Kelly's Slowing Down Time project, getting him to design the prototypes for the pods.

Prep work for Slowing Down Time

Kelly Dobson is an artist and engineer. She has a Ph.D. MIT; Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT. In her work she believes that exciting things can happen between people and machines that aren’t driven by profit, instead designing personalised appliances that address everyday human needs. The next year will involve getting... Continue Reading →

Back home in Boston, Kelly is working on ways of weaving innovative cutting edge textiles, inventing new upholstery and cloth with integrated sensors and actuators. She is creating test pieces at MIT which she will send back to Scotland to be used by Fiona and her team. By the time the material has been sent,... Continue Reading →

sketch idea for time machine

Kelly Dobson's initial drawing of Fiona's car. An extreme sculpture that will support profound shifts in the way that Fiona accesses her inner and outer worlds. At present the car in imagined to be partly constructed in Fiona's favourite woven textile. Based on the fact that Fiona loves wool and fabric. Back in Boston, Kelly... Continue Reading →

Meetings to create portraits for the time machine

  In order to ensure that the individual remains central to the development of the artwork, we establish many different ways of collating information which further enhance the function of the artwork (and its relevance to the individual) . We needed to ensure that information as much information as possible was being collected to inform... Continue Reading →

Weaving staff involvement

It looks like time and patience (and the exhibition) have paid off. The staff are weaving with Fiona. Laura Spring and Laura Aldridge are giving staff and Fiona the materials and the frame to weave. She is doing it in her own time! Look what's happening as a result!


For her particpation in the 2009 Venice Biennale, artist Pae White invited the italian song bird impersonators known as 'Chioccolatori' ( they are amazing BTW) to become part of her installation - visitors could'nt tell where the birds sounds were coming from, and many believed that there was actual birds flying in the installation -... Continue Reading →

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