Feedback on Slowing Down Time research

F: Today I had a few tech difficulties as I was hoping to use the pc in the room but the internet was very slow and could not stream anything! F is absolutely looking forward to the sessions now, she is very very exited when she sees me, knowing that I ll provide some cats cinema.  I pretty much recreated a similar scenario to the previous week with Kevin but I had to use my iPhone to stream the videos.  I occasionally interact with her using foam blocks as I have done already in previous sessions as well as feathers. … Continue reading Feedback on Slowing Down Time research

Slowing down time re-imagined

An amalgam of Fiona’s weaving and Kelly’s drawing. Is this what the pods will look like? The plan is to start soon on combining the things people like to make with the actual construction of the pods. So, Fiona’s pod will be constructed from her weaving. It’s an interesting collaborative process Kelly has come up with……. hi tech and lo tech Continue reading Slowing down time re-imagined

Prep work for Slowing Down Time

Kelly Dobson is an artist and engineer. She has a Ph.D. MIT; Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT. In her work she believes that exciting things can happen between people and machines that aren’t driven by profit, instead designing personalised appliances that address everyday human needs. The next year will involve getting to know the individuals and the ways in which they could work with the artist to design and build a series of social vehicles. Each vehicle will be built to respond to the specific interests of individuals in the group. Static dodgems that ‘move’ in … Continue reading Prep work for Slowing Down Time

Beginning to make the textiles for the time machines

Back home in Boston, Kelly is working on ways of weaving innovative cutting edge textiles, inventing new upholstery and cloth with integrated sensors and actuators. She is creating test pieces at MIT which she will send back to Scotland to be used by Fiona and her team. By the time the material has been sent, the team with additional support from an engineer, will be ready to work with Fiona with the material. We need to make sure that its relevant to her and that its something she is very comfortable with. We therefore intend to take a great deal … Continue reading Beginning to make the textiles for the time machines

sketch idea for time machine

Kelly Dobson’s initial drawing of Fiona’s car. An extreme sculpture that will support profound shifts in the way that Fiona accesses her inner and outer worlds. At present the car in imagined to be partly constructed in Fiona’s favourite woven textile. Based on the fact that Fiona loves wool and fabric. Back in Boston, Kelly has begun to weave the first test strips of textile which will use sound, light, movement, temperature, texture change and responsiveness to support Fiona to take control over the way she wants to interact with the outside world. The textile will be incorporated into sculptural … Continue reading sketch idea for time machine

Meetings to create portraits for the time machine

  In order to ensure that the individual remains central to the development of the artwork, we establish many different ways of collating information which further enhance the function of the artwork (and its relevance to the individual) . We needed to ensure that information as much information as possible was being collected to inform the making of the time machines. We enlisted Artist Miriam Walsh to interview staff, friends and family to create a more whole picture of Fiona.  We wanted to know more about her interests from the perspective of the people around her, to gain a greater … Continue reading Meetings to create portraits for the time machine

Early ideas for time machine – Kelly Dobson

this is a previous social vehicle / shelter of sorts drawing for a textile project its more of a time out machine… but might develop into part of something for the time machine. Kelly visited artlink on a regular basis. During these visits she would meet with different people who would help her to form her ideas. Her interest in personal spaces for people kept being talked about. What sort of space would each person require? How would it benefit them? Was it one space or several? If someone demanded high energy involvement what would be appropriate for them? The … Continue reading Early ideas for time machine – Kelly Dobson

How do we involve staff?

We were interested in ways of involving staff at the centre. The notes below are Laura Aldridges’ attempts to task staff, asking them to carry on with an activity, extending the work outside of the workshops. F was weaving and wrapping objects within her workshops but the artists wanted to get her involved in making at other times of the week. Initial notes exploring ways of involving staff> F enjoys an element of routine and will happily work with someone to do this. She really enjoys her wool work and the more we do it with her, the more we … Continue reading How do we involve staff?


For her particpation in the 2009 Venice Biennale, artist Pae White invited the italian song bird impersonators known as ‘Chioccolatori‘ ( they are amazing BTW) to become part of her installation – visitors could’nt tell where the birds sounds were coming from, and many believed that there was actual birds flying in the installation – the  ‘Chioccolatori‘ were dressed as tourists you see, so they blended in. Hearing the bird sound, meant peoples eyes were drawn to parts of the exhibition space they wouldnt normally see – as they were looking for the birds. In exchange for their involvement in … Continue reading PAE WHITE’S BARTER