Accumulating the detail behind the artwork

  ​Steve Hollingsworth works closely with the individual, watching their ​smallest response as a way of informing his artworks. He enters a world ​in which colour becomes sound and sound becomes colour, where light ​becomes an object to be touched, where simple vibration and sound are ​all consuming, where seemingly routine events become fascinating. ​These observations … Continue reading Accumulating the detail behind the artwork

Immersive workshops

  In their workshops Steve Hollingsworth and Jim Colqhoun engage people through an immersive aural/visual environment, that serves to highlight the tiniest of sounds, attenuating perception through chorus of spoken, shrieked, whispered and disjointed wordplay. The artists strive to create a zone where perception is subtly shifted and where people are gently eased away from … Continue reading Immersive workshops