Liz Davidson – day centre manager.   Presentation as part of Edinburgh University Disabilty Research Group – November 2015

  On The Ideas Team creative approaches and their impact on service users and staff  Cherry road day centre provides day service for people with Complex support needs (relating to Autism, and behavioural, social and emotional support needs) or individual with Profound and Multiple Learning Disability & physical disabilities. Three years ago it adopted approaches... Continue Reading →

Red Note Ensemble article in Arts Manager magazine 

It's all in the detail As Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble, Red Note is renowned not only for its virtuosity but also for its voracious enthusiasm for challenging work. As part of its quest to reach underserved audiences, Red Note recently collaborated with Artlink, Edinburgh’s ongoing programme ‘The Ideas Team’, established in 2005. The Ideas Team... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the detail 

Artlink’ s Ideas Team explores creative responses to the  everyday experiences of people with profound learning disabilities. It's work is based on an in depth understanding of the very personal questions that arise when confronted with someone who sees and experiences the world differently. “When I was a kid I used to think I could... Continue Reading →

A learning curve (arching over 3 days)

Just before Xmas in 2014 we commissioned writer & curator, Kirsten Lloyd to write an essay about The Ideas Team. It's a smart essay in that it describes (and questions) 'care' within contemporary arts practice and its impact on artists practice. It's an extremely clever essay in that it places these arguments within an alternate... Continue Reading →

Feedback on Care Staff Training Workshop

Sound Perception Workshop The staff training workshop was really strange, random but really powerful.  Staff found it initially confusing, embarrassing and Jim really pushed them to think differently and lose some of their inhibitions.   On reflection everyone experienced something really positive from the workshop and it was a great team building experience.  It was truly memorable!!!!... Continue Reading →

Care Staff Training workshop.

SOUND/PERCEPTION WORKSHOP     Open to all care staff Thursday 13th August 9am - 10am Observation This workshop is about encouraging you to think about the space you work in, to take the time to listen to what is around you and look more closely at the detail.   It's all about sound, how we... Continue Reading →

The importance of detail

 Edit The ‘idiosyncratic way of being’ of the individuals we work with are, as with anyone, a direct consequence of experiences accumulated over a lifetime.  For many, its all in the detail – for example,  a particular song sung over and over again; the noise of a toy from childhood; the pitch of a persons... Continue Reading →

What happens when you slow down time?

We need to get closer, slow down time in order that we can better understand the ways in which people with profound learning disabilities communicate with us. When we do, we enter a world in which colour becomes sound and sound becomes colour, where light becomes an object to be touched, where simple vibration and... Continue Reading →

Big news

We will soon be posting details of our plans for the coming year, as well as our long term plans for the ideas team.  Watch this's going to be good!!

….and the point is?

Thursday: I was in a round table discussion about knowledge and social justice with academics, some of whom who research the sociological impact of governmental silence, gender influenced sectarianism and digital knowledge consumerism.. You wouldn't assume a thread to these seemingly disparate things, but the commonality occurred to me during an event we were invited... Continue Reading →

…….and another thing! Updated.

The group at Maklab also came up with the idea for a more portable kit.  A glove which care workers could use.  By touching the fingers of the glove , specific sounds would be omitted.   Example of how this would work are in the attached film. It was an interesting visit in that it... Continue Reading →

Maklab – what sort of happened?

Very early stage design.  Working on the prototype. We create a big wooden floor/stage. On the floor there are lots of simple shapes made out of conductive aluminium tape ( There is one conductive beacon on the platform (a waist height conductive shape) that acts as the start of the interaction. Basically any number of... Continue Reading →

Working with Maklab and Thingking

A few weeks ago we set Maklab a challenge.   They were to come up with ideas in response to a 'problem' we identified. Tomorrow we get to work with them and ThingkIng (South Africa) on the solution.......we will keep you posted.   For now, here is the challenge we set them....... Problem: A lack of adaptable... Continue Reading →

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