Care Staff Training workshop.

SOUND/PERCEPTION WORKSHOP     Open to all care staff Thursday 13th August 9am - 10am Observation This workshop is about encouraging you to think about the space you work in, to take the time to listen to what is around you and look more closely at the detail.   It's all about sound, how we... Continue Reading →

Working with Maklab and Thingking

A few weeks ago we set Maklab a challenge.   They were to come up with ideas in response to a 'problem' we identified. Tomorrow we get to work with them and ThingkIng (South Africa) on the solution.......we will keep you posted.   For now, here is the challenge we set them....... Problem: A lack of adaptable... Continue Reading →

California Wow! at the Tramway

Laura Aldridge presents a new installation for Tramways main gallery which reflects on her engagement with the relationship between art, craft and performance. Drawing together sculpture, textile, print and ceramics, Aldridge sets up a vivid and tactile environment inhabited by a variety of 'display-scapes' through which the viewer is invited to interact with the exhibition... Continue Reading →

6th International Arcintex 2015 Research Symposium

Steve Hollingsworth has been invited to present some of the work and thinking he does with Artlink at the 6th International Arcintex 2015 Research Symposium held at Nottingham Trent University in February. Under the conference title of ‘Narratives in an Internet of Soft Things’ it will entail 3 days of talks and workshops. Steve is... Continue Reading →

Ideas Team presentation

In March of this year we organised a day long presentation in which artists talked of their practice and its crossover into their work with Artlink. These presentations were an exploration of the possibility of future collaboration as much as they were a presentation of current ways of working. Presentations from Laura Aldridge, Steve Hollingsworth... Continue Reading →

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