What has working with Artlink brought to your practice? 

   LAURA  SPRING: Artlink  has  brought  so  many  beneficial  elements  to  my  work  and  myself  as  a  person  over  the seven  years  I  have  worked  for  them.  Many  of  these  I  never  expected  and  I  think  says  a  lot  about  the  unique approach  Artlink  has  to  working  with  people.  Freedom,  room  for  experimentation,  meeting  and  working  with other  artists,  working  in  unexpected  ways  in  unexpected  situations  are  just  a  few.  Artlink  has  constantly challenged  my  ways  of  working  and  thinking,  encouraging  my  creativity  to  grow  in  new  ways  –  not  to  just  focus on  textiles  and  print  design.  It  has … Continue reading What has working with Artlink brought to your practice? 

What has working with Artlink brought to your practice? 

   LAURA  ALDRIDGE:    It  has  enabled  me  to  work  in  a  way  to  fits  my  ideas  and  thinking  –  i  struggled  for  years  as an  art  student,  unable  to  make  work  that  spoke  or  sang  even.  Its  made  me  free  in  the  way  that  I  approach  art making  –  I  think,  when  making  art,  so  much  of  it  is  about  allowing  yourself,  space  and  time  to  let  ideas  develop and  flourish.  Artlink  has  encouraged  and  nurtured  this  in  my  practice,  as  it  is  a  fundamental  way  in  how  we work  with  people  –  that  we  provide  the  space  and … Continue reading What has working with Artlink brought to your practice? 

The Sound Diary Project

For the last eight months, I have been working closely with artist Wendy Jacob and carers at Cherry Road on the Sound Diary Project. I have been helping Wendy to ask questions to carers about the soundscapes around them, and the individuals they work with. This has been a journey, observing and exploring what it means to really listen, and how to describe sound. Wendy from the beginning placed importance on recording sounds, that in the first instance, may appear to be somewhat insignificant. She asked us to track these sounds and try to understand how they change within the … Continue reading The Sound Diary Project

Meetings to create portraits for the time machine

  In order to ensure that the individual remains central to the development of the artwork, we establish many different ways of collating information which further enhance the function of the artwork (and its relevance to the individual) . We needed to ensure that information as much information as possible was being collected to inform the making of the time machines. We enlisted Artist Miriam Walsh to interview staff, friends and family to create a more whole picture of Fiona.  We wanted to know more about her interests from the perspective of the people around her, to gain a greater … Continue reading Meetings to create portraits for the time machine

Cardiff & Miller (artists we are inspired by)

Opera for a small room There are twenty-four antique loudspeakers out of which come songs, sounds, arias, and occasional pop tunes. There are almost two thousand records stacked around the room and eight record players, which turn on and off robotically syncing with the soundtrack. The sound of someone moving and sorting albums is heard. The audience cannot enter the room. To see and hear his world, they have to look through windows, holes in the walls, and cracks in the doorways and watch his shadow move around the room. Continue reading Cardiff & Miller (artists we are inspired by)

sensory workshops

Strange sounds and other worlds The tuesday workshop sensory sessions: Our workshops have taken place in Penicuik town hall for several years, with an hour’s session in the morning and afternoon. We work with up to about 6 people with varying levels of disability, some can walk about the space and some are wheel-chair users. I currently work with 1 other artist (Jim Colquhoun) in the space who bring their own interests to bear and aspects of their own practice to the workshops. One of our main concerns is to transform the space we work in, through using light, projections … Continue reading sensory workshops

Squease Jacket

THERAPEUTIC COATS Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) often encounter high-stress situations in which they need to reduce noise and apply pressure to their bodies. The SQUEASE jacket is made for just that. It isn’t a clunky technological beast but a modern fashionable jacket that is geared toward providing comfort in difficult situations while dealing with ASD. The SQUEASE Jacket comes equipped with headphones that reduce the level of high frequency noise and the jacket has different pressure points that comfortably squeeze the child like a cocoon. It’s nice to be able to comfortably outfit a child with a beneficial … Continue reading Squease Jacket

The Ideas Team – Sound

SOUND PROJECT involved an artist, an informatics specialist from Edinburgh University and a man with a liking for music. The man in question had a learning disability, a sight impairment and physical disability, which meant he was reliant on others choosing what he listened to. He listened to Radio Forth a lot. So we invited artist Steve Hollingsworth to create a sound system which could operate with one simple hand movement, enabling the man to select, for the first time, what he felt like listening to from an extensive library of sounds. The playlist included the man’s mother telling stories, … Continue reading The Ideas Team – Sound