Researching Slowing Down Time

These notes are part of the ongoing research work as part of Kelly Dobsons Slowing Down Time Project. Its detailed work, finding out about each of the individuals and artists Kevin McPhee and Francesca Nobilucci are working on a weekly basis, acting as art detectives, building relationships with three very interesting people in order to... Continue Reading →

 Liz Davidson – day centre manager.   Presentation as part of Edinburgh University Disabilty Research Group – November 2015

  On The Ideas Team creative approaches and their impact on service users and staff  Cherry road day centre provides day service for people with Complex support needs (relating to Autism, and behavioural, social and emotional support needs) or individual with Profound and Multiple Learning Disability & physical disabilities. Three years ago it adopted approaches... Continue Reading →

Red Note Ensemble article in Arts Manager magazine 

It's all in the detail As Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble, Red Note is renowned not only for its virtuosity but also for its voracious enthusiasm for challenging work. As part of its quest to reach underserved audiences, Red Note recently collaborated with Artlink, Edinburgh’s ongoing programme ‘The Ideas Team’, established in 2005. The Ideas Team... Continue Reading →

Lygia Clark

Lygia Clark (Bel Horizonte, 1920 — Río de Janeiro, 1988) studied in Río de Janeiro and Paris, and after spending some time working in abstraction, became a part of the Grupo Frente and was later one of the signees of the Neo-Concretism manifiesto. She began her most creative phase of her career in 1960 when... Continue Reading →

Yvonne is back! 

   Artist Yvonne Mullock who is currently based in Canada will be collaborating with her old team as part of Collaborative Environments. Yvonne who was one of the founding members of the sensory workshops, will be working on 'costumes that entertain'. A series of costumes informed by people with profound learning disabilities to be worn... Continue Reading →


Introduction Over the past 10 years, artists have been involved in a series of projects, designed to learn from people with complex learning disabilities.  Its taken time to work out the best way to involve, given the severity of people disabilities.  Artists working on the programme, havedevised ways of working which unearth very interesting ways... Continue Reading →


Introduction The Ideas Team Blog has a plethora of ideas and comments which have informed its present work.

It’s all in the detail 

Artlink’ s Ideas Team explores creative responses to the  everyday experiences of people with profound learning disabilities. It's work is based on an in depth understanding of the very personal questions that arise when confronted with someone who sees and experiences the world differently. “When I was a kid I used to think I could... Continue Reading →

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