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The group at Maklab also came up with the idea for a more portable kit.  A glove which care workers could use.  By touching the fingers of the glove , specific sounds would be omitted.   Example of how this would work are in the attached film. It was an interesting visit in that it... Continue Reading →

Maklab – what sort of happened?

Very early stage design.  Working on the prototype. We create a big wooden floor/stage. On the floor there are lots of simple shapes made out of conductive aluminium tape (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminium-Silver-Foil-Tape-Self-adhesive-Heat-reflecting-Insulation-5m-x-50mem-/170847802942) There is one conductive beacon on the platform (a waist height conductive shape) that acts as the start of the interaction. Basically any number of... Continue Reading →

Working with Maklab and Thingking

A few weeks ago we set Maklab a challenge.   They were to come up with ideas in response to a 'problem' we identified. Tomorrow we get to work with them and ThingkIng (South Africa) on the solution.......we will keep you posted.   For now, here is the challenge we set them....... Problem: A lack of adaptable... Continue Reading →

The disc – an early project 

This film was made about 10 years ago, artist Matias Ring worked with R.  The intention  was to make a disc, which would allow R 360degrees of freedom.  It was the work that informed the start of The Ideas Team.      Click here to view footage of the work in progress.  The disc was... Continue Reading →

Accumulating the detail behind the artwork

  ​Steve Hollingsworth works closely with the individual, watching their ​smallest response as a way of informing his artworks. He enters a world ​in which colour becomes sound and sound becomes colour, where light ​becomes an object to be touched, where simple vibration and sound are ​all consuming, where seemingly routine events become fascinating. ​These observations... Continue Reading →

The Sound Diary Project

For the last eight months, I have been working closely with artist Wendy Jacob and carers at Cherry Road on the Sound Diary Project. I have been helping Wendy to ask questions to carers about the soundscapes around them, and the individuals they work with. This has been a journey, observing and exploring what it... Continue Reading →

Sound work – Steve Hollingsworth

Yes! a new departure into re-thinking an interface for Nathalie.  She seemed (to us) to get the joystick. We weren't too sure she could use it.  We kept working with her and then suddenly she can do it! Result!

A managers view

Liz Davidson, Manager, Cherry Road Day Centre   The ideas team changes the way people think. It allows staff to be imaginative and creative, to think outside the box, to look at the people they work with differently. For me, its about motivating and inspiring my staff to do meaningful things with people. The ideas... Continue Reading →

Ideas Team

We are going to start to post the beginnings of some new ideas. The development of the Ideas Team within a traditional day centre structure. This is not about technology alone, although it is part of it. What’s very important with a project of this nature is that it reflects the interests and needs of... Continue Reading →

some thoughts on deep listening

Excerpt from a posting by artist Jim Colqhoun on the influences on his work with people with profound learning disabilities..... I just completed a series of ‘Deep Listening’ sessions over the course of five weeks in Penicuik Town Hall so I’ll try and formulate some thoughts about what went on. The term deep listening was... Continue Reading →

An approach

This is dependent on who you are working with, what they are interested in and how they respond but it gives you an idea of an approach. This is a section of a recent posting by Steve Hollingsworth, describing how he breaks down a workshop approach....... Bearing in mind the reactions and structure of last... Continue Reading →


You can download this.  All you need is a computer with a  webcam.  If you have a projector then you can project it around the room.  Movement makes the picture, so the images change all the time. Small movements causing intense light. These  images are  from our workshops, which used Glowdoodle with a sound addition... Continue Reading →

sensory workshops

Strange sounds and other worlds The tuesday workshop sensory sessions: Our workshops have taken place in Penicuik town hall for several years, with an hour's session in the morning and afternoon. We work with up to about 6 people with varying levels of disability, some can walk about the space and some are wheel-chair users.... Continue Reading →

Hospitals in the Sky! (1958) This "hospital in the sky," as imagined by Arthur Radebaugh in the May 11, 1958 edition of his comic Closer Than We Think, operates under the assumption that the "weightlessness, irradiation and low temperatures of outer space" would allow for more effective treatment of patients. The American Rocket Society has reported... Continue Reading →

Squease Jacket

THERAPEUTIC COATS Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) often encounter high-stress situations in which they need to reduce noise and apply pressure to their bodies. The SQUEASE jacket is made for just that. It isn’t a clunky technological beast but a modern fashionable jacket that is geared toward providing comfort in difficult situations while dealing... Continue Reading →

The Ideas Team – Sound

SOUND PROJECT involved an artist, an informatics specialist from Edinburgh University and a man with a liking for music. The man in question had a learning disability, a sight impairment and physical disability, which meant he was reliant on others choosing what he listened to. He listened to Radio Forth a lot. So we invited... Continue Reading →

Ridiculous Idea no.2

This design was made in response to the lack of respect eperienced by a carer at a meeting to decide a family members care. It could perhaps be used by others at times when they felt they were being unfairly disregarded.

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