Introduction Our plan is to exhibit artists’ responses to people with complex learning disabilities in the context of a contemporary art exhibition. The exhibition and series of associated talks and events will take place in 2019, aimed at all audiences, regardless of difference. It will be an ambitious meeting of minds, informing and inspiring new... Continue Reading →

Old School Ideas

We asked Old School Fabricators to work with artists Laura Aldridge and Laura Spring and design a space within a Day Centre for people with profound Learning Disabilities.  Her are their ideas.....old-school-ideas

Rethinking Audiences

Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble, Red Note Ensemble have investigated four very different personal relationships to sound. This collective of musicians explored the sound sensitivities of people with profound autism and additional support needs. They have begun to work with responses to sound; pitch, tone, rhythm, tempo, space and timing. They discovered that by encouraging improvisation,... Continue Reading →

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